ATF Chapter 56

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Jerry, Izuno
Proofreader: Nas Versix

TL: I am not entirely sure if this was fully edited, but it’s been sitting around for too long. I am sorry for those expecting Jerry to post again. Looks like I will be handling that for awhile until we can get an active chief editor for ATF.

Chapter 56 Avalon Recommendation Letter

“Oh right, each magician girl needs to bring a knight or martial artist for this tournament,” Leah told Lunaria while clasping her hands. However, the dark hair girl didn’t seem to care and answered,
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SPO Chapter 27

Translated by Craxuan

Edited by darklord5555

Chapter 27: Give Me Your Treasures, Doctor Ming Que

Yue Qiang closed his eyes before reopening them again, quietly lamenting the game’s scenario.

He finally understood what the hunter Tu Xu wanted to do. He also understood why he ignored the fire on his body and ignored the fact that he was standing right beside water, all for the sake of moving that huge rock first. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 27”

SPO chapter 26

Translated by Craxuan

Edited by darklord5555

Chapter 26: The Hunter Tu Xu

Yue Qiang was very surprised, because he could not actually see the Zhao Sergeant’s status.

This was the first time he encountered this situation. He once thought that every character’s status in this game could be viewed, and those that could not would be marked with question marks. Now that he looked at it, it was either that the sergeant had a special skill that allowed him to hide his own status, or that his stats were just too high. He would not be able to check his status due to the rank difference between them. Continue reading “SPO chapter 26”