SPO Chapter 30 [And A Sponsor Announcement!]

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Translator: Craxuan
Editor: darklord5555

Chapter 30: Solving The Mystery (1)

Yue Qiang had always thought that his psychological resilience was very good.

The fact that the Game’s system gave him 14 points of Wisdom was a proof of this point.

But right now, he felt like he was going insane.

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SPO Chapter 29

Translator: Craxuan
Editor: darklord5555

Chapter 29: Zhao Yang and the Sudden Cutscene

Yue Qiang used his fastest speed to activate the Run skill, then leaped madly to the sides to dodge out of the way. There might not be any changes to be seen on the screen, but he knew that the bolt must be travelling at high speed right now. If he could not see it even with this game’s super high FPS, that meant that the bolt’s travelling speed must have reached an unbelievable rate!

Yue Qiang ran sideways for a little while longer until he felt that it was safe. Only then he turned back to look.

The Zhao Sergeant had been nailed on a tree trunk by the crossbow bolt!
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SPO Chapter 28

Translated by Craxuan
Edited by darklord5555

Yue Qiang was sure that, if the doctor Ming Que was a real human and not an NPC, he would definitely die from anger.

Just now, he had faked the appearance that his attacks were weak. At first the doctor Ming Que thought that Yue Qiang wasn’t willing to save him, then he thought that Yue Qiang did not have the ability to save him. Then, after he had taken out four items in a row, this Yue Qiang had eliminated all the enemies within a matter of seconds.
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