ATF Chapter 61

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Izuno, Nas Versix
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TL: Just like the last week of every month. I will be flying out for a week again. but lucky for you guys. the next chapter is done by our new translator, Gong.
TL: Name Change: Snow Lily -> Snow Pity (we decided to abandon the name of the original translator to be more accurate with the translation)
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Chapter 61 About to Begin

Gabriel Year 3097 April 26th
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SPO Chapter… Well, Not This Week. Possibly The Next.

I have 2 tests next week, and the week after I have 3 assignments to submit, and they are a 2,500+ research proposal, 500 words essay relating to translation culture and another 500 words commentary on comparison between translated text in ads. In short, busy. I didn’t say tired, because tired is my default state.

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SPO chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Solving The Mystery (2)

Yue Qiang slowly read through the unlocked portion of the manual, and finally gained an understanding in many things.

The blue progress bar represented the ‘World’s Conversion Rate’.

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