ATF Chapter 46

Translator: Mxhe
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Chapter 46 The God’s Orders Book (unedited)

“Something is amiss here.”
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SPO Chapter 12

Translated by: Craxuan

Edited by: darklord5555


Chapter 12: Training Results

And so Yue Qiang lived three days as a livestock.

He now had two words that he was afraid to hear the most. One would be ‘eat’, and the other would be ‘sleep’. He had never imagined that eating and sleeping could turn into something this terrifying. Now he seriously sympathized with those pigs, cows and goats that were raised by humans. Think about it; every day the only thing you do other than eating was to sleep, um, and going to the toilet. Wouldn’t such a life be deathly boring?

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ATF Chapter 45

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Nas Versix and JerryDaBaws
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Changes to Translation:
Magic beast -> Demonic beast, magic aura -> demonic aura
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Chapter 45: Mutation

“Heaven Sword Ensemble second technique, Draw Stinger.”
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ATF Chapter 44

Translator: Mxhe
Proofreader: Bluebug
Editor: Darklord and Nas Versix

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Chapter 44 Fierce Combat

“It’s defeated?” Roselle Butterfly surprised herself. The other three could barely believe their eyes and felt glad for Roselle Butterfly.
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