SPO chapter 15

Translated by Craxuan

Edited by darklord5555

Chapter 15: Combat

The skill he had auto-learned did not bring him any substantial benefits whatsoever. Yue Qiang glanced at it in a hurry – ‘Pure Heart’ – He didn’t need to read the description to guess that it was a base level skill that had nothing to do with actual combat.

Worse, he was just a fresh character without combat skills at all.

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SPO Chapter 14

Translated by: Craxuan

Edited by: darklord5555

Chapter 14: It Is Dark Red Difficulty

In light of the quest message provided by the blacksmith Tan Xiong, Yue Qiang arrived at the village’s ice shop. Apparently, here lays the strongest weapon the village relied upon to resist the enemy – the Giant Crossbow.

While Yue Qiang didn’t see even the glimpse of a crossbow, he did see, as expected, the little lady Gongshu Shaoyang at the ice shop. He said, “Would you happen to know where the Giant Crossbow mentioned in the entrusted quest is? And what do I need to do to assist in the defense of Yue village?” Continue reading “SPO Chapter 14”

ATF Chapter 47

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: N/A
Proofreader: N/A

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Chapter 47 Tunnel Railway (Partially edited?)

“Let’s not talk about that for now. Mr. 123, isn’t the wind coming from this wall here?”
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SPO Chapter 13

Translator: Craxuan
Editor: Darklord


Chapter 13: The Shabbiest Weapon

After the warning, the system provided an explanation regarding the quest difficulty.

There were five kinds of quest difficulty. In ascending order, they were: Green, Yellow, Brown, Dark Red and Skull. Among them, Dark Red difficulty meant that said quest’s completion difficulty was incredibly high and will greatly challenge the player’s ability and control. As for Skull level difficulty, the explanation provided by the system was: Impossible to complete.

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