TKDG Chapter 25

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Translated by Kuroneko

Edited by darklord5555


Chapter 25:  Enmity within Puyan


Pausing for a while, Yan Shi seemed totally immersed in his memories, and there was a trace of gentleness within his eyes. After some time, he finally continued, “This incident will be quickly known by father. I’m his only son and the successor of the Puyan Tribe leader. Father originally wanted me to marry the daughter of a large clan leader, and when he knew that I was in love with Yun’ Er, he was strongly against it initially. However, how could I be so easily discouraged? When father made me choose between the position of the tribe leader and Yun’ Er, I picked Yun’ Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 25”

TKDG Chapter 24

Translated By: Kuroneko

Edited by: Darklord5555

Special thanks To J.H. for helping out in the editing

Chapter 24: Calming Light


Xuan Yue instructed “Stand beside me, hold my hand, and think of moving your magic force. Transmit it to me and then i will cast the spell, perhaps this might work. The Calming Mantra is a Level 6 magic spell, I can only try and hope that it will be successful with the boost of my magic wand.” On this continent, magic spells were ranked according to their strength and there were a total of 9 levels. Level 1 and 2 magic spells were considered as elementary level magic spell, and those who were able to Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 24”

SPO Chapter 1-3!

Translator: Craxuan

Editor: JerryDaBaws and a tiny bit from darklord

Translator’s Notes (T/N): So I’m the new guy who’s gonna translate this completely new Chinese web novel you’ve never heard about. Yorokobe, Shounen! You will be happy about this, or else.

If any of you saw this post earlier, that was for chapter 1 alone and was meant to be released in a pack of three.

Chapter 1: Charisma?

It was exactly noon. Yue Qiang climbed out of his bed and walked to the grocery store to buy his lunch.

“I want a pack of bag noodles, chicken mushroom flavor please.”
Continue reading “SPO Chapter 1-3!”