DTW Chapter 3.1

Translator: Craxuan

Editor: JerryDaBaws
Craxuan joined us to tl spo and possibly more dtw 😛

Chapter 3.1: To Invert Black and White

On one side Liang DaZhuang just entered the room, and on the other Tang TieHan and Tang TieCheng had brought their men and rushed to Hu XiaoTian’s front. The sight of Hu XiaoTian half naked in loose shorts had the Tang brothers baring their eyes round like a tiger, and flaming anger burning on the inside.

Tang TieHan pointed his knife at Hu XiaoTian and said, “Hu XiaoTian, what did you do to my sister?”
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ILK Chapter 40

Translator: Kuroneko
Proofreader: Mxhe
Editor: JerryDaBaws
I bet no one even cares about his novel anymore. lol.
Chapter 40: Slaying the Purple Robed Young Master (Down)

Scorching Palm Blade!

It was not an ordinary Xuan Qi technique, but rather a low-grade Huang Stage Xuan technique. The sharp blade techniques of the Blade God Sect, once the palm blade was executed, it needed to be paired with the Scorching Sun Cultivation Technique.
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ATF Chapter 39

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: JerryDaBaws
Welcome to our new ATF T/l 🙂
We’re also going back to earlier chapters to check terms and ensure consistency. Terms this chapter might not be 100% accurate.
p.s an ilk chap and a dtw chap are currently in editing stage.
Chapter 39 Ogre Lord

The fight against eleven ogre infantries with four high ranking mercenary was simply too easy. Furthermore, Roselle Butterfly and Sand Sword’s improvements from Tyre’s teaching could clearly be seen. This caused Wind Slashing Ghost and Jade Star to be extremely envious.

“Follow me!”
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ATF Chapter 38

Translator: bluebug, KuroNeko, Craxuan.

Editor: JerryDaBaws

Honestly, I have no idea who did what for this chapter but all that matters is that it is out!! Welcome bluebug to the group in helping to t/l ATF

P.S We have a new translator who will have another chapter of ATF waiting for you guys tomorrow… 🙂

Chapter 38: Entering the Den

“In-Incredible!” “T-this is practically skill that only a Great Sword Master could achieve, isn’t it!?” Sand Sword stood up excitedly, his actions resembling an excited child while Roselle Butterfly’s face turned rose red from excitement, with her emotions stirring around vigorously inside her. As a swordsman, who doesn’t deeply desire for a senior whose skill is far beyond their own level to instruct them?
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SPO Chapter 4

Translator: Craxuan
Editor: JerryDaBaws

[E/N Mandatory note here, I changed something in chapter 3. There was a question which asked ‘Confucius said of the head of the Chi family, who had eight rows of pantomimes in his area’ which Yue Qiang answered ‘even if his uncle can bear to do this, his aunt cannot bear to do’. Since he was actually copying answers from Baidu (chinese wikipedia), I expected him to actually answer all the questions correctly. Tl translated it as ‘even if his uncle can bear to do this, his aunt cannot bear to do’ and I. the editor changed it to the ACTUAL correct answer which was ‘If he can bear to do this, what may he not bear to do?’. Turns out Yue Qiang actually answered wrongly because in the past (quoting from t/n here and this is actually real world history) a word in this phrase was actually misinterpreted as ‘uncle’ and so over the years the phrase just keeps getting further away from the actual meaning and intention.]

Chapter 4: The Key to Single Player Games

Yue Qiang remembered very well that he had already put all of his free distribution points into ‘Charisma’, so where did this 1 point come from? Could this be the ‘Refined Energy’ Chen Zi Han was talking about?

It most likely is!

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