ILK Chapter 41

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 41: Monstrous Fury

“A Martial Dao Seventh Layer expert was indeed not easy to kill!”
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SPO Chapter 6

Translator: Craxuan
Editor: JerryDaBaws
Chapter 6: The Proper Gestures when talking with an NPC.

The moment he walked out of the door, once again, Yue Qiang found himself shocked by the level of photorealism in this game.

Yue Qiang felt as if he was under an illusion. It was as if he had actually been transported into the world of Ancient China.
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ATF Chapter 41

Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws
Proofreader: Craxuan

[EN Dragon Slayer has been changed to Long Tu for future chapter reasons. Terms have also been changed and we are working on editing the previous chapters.] Check out this temporary glossary for what we changed]

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Chapter 41: Three Seconds

“We’re here, it’s right in front of us.”

As they chatted, they approached the end of the cave. The originally sparse magic aura grew to a level where even Tyre could not ignore it. Long Tu narrowed her eyes and stopped at the same time as Tyre did. She then said with a serious voice,
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ATF Chapter 40

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: JerryDaBaws
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Chapter 40 Closing In!
Ogres are a race of ugly and greedy humanoids, being extremely lazy and greedy. However, they are very adaptable to different types of natural environments and will live in various areas. For the convenience of plundering, they would often stay around weak settlements.
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SPO Chapter 5

Translator: Craxuan
Editor: JerryDaBaws
Chapter 5: Hidden Stats

Yue Qiang immediately selected ‘Accept’.

To tirelessly click on an NPC to initiate dialogue over tens of times was something no average gamer would have done. Only a hardcore gamer like Yue Qiang would have the experience to mindlessly do this sort of thing. Now that a change – unexpected, but entirely within his predictions – had finally happened, the choice whether or not to accept the offer was a forgone conclusion.
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