ATF Chapter 33

Translator: JerryDaBaws

Proofreader: KuroNeko

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Chapter 33: The First Meeting

Crossing the bustling streets of Hess city, Tyre and the other two arrived inside the mercenary branch hall after a few minutes.
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TKDG Chapter 19

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 19: The Mercenary Guild


Giger got a scare as he croaked out, “… What?” If the daughter of the crimson-robed priest were to be sullied here, he would face a consequence that would be worse than death. He did not have time to think and immediately executed an ice awl magic, shooting it towards Ah Dai. Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 19”

TKDG Chapter 18

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 18: The Crimson-Robed Priest

Ah Dai had wanted to reject, but he was unable to move his body. It was not an uncomfortable feeling, but it was simply the huge pressure coming from the tremendous holy force. His mind was fuzzy as he subconsciously started walking towards Xuan Yue’s room. The crimson-robed priest did not resume speaking and simply trailed after Ah Dai, along with the two ivory-robed priests, under the watchful gazes of the silver armored knights. He had totally ignored Giger, who was nearby trembling with fear. Only when Ah Dai had reached the room did he finally regain his senses, he immediately turned around to face the crimson-robed priest, exclaiming in shock, “You, what did you do to me?” Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 18”

ATF Chapter 32

Steamy chapter Q-Q translated by Naevron and edited by darklord5555



Chapter 32 Homosexual Preferences?


“So that’s the reason, what a coincidence!” Sand Sword’s excited response was a vivid contrast to the expression of the other three. He continued, without a care for the embarrassment felt by the other 3 and asked

“Then can’t you reveal a bit of that other senpai’s information?”

“This information came directly from the mouth of the branch head, so other than the information that the senpai’s name is “Dragon Slayer”, I don’t know any more information either.” Harriot waved his hand, but the blank answer did not prevent the other four from having their fanciful thoughts Continue reading “ATF Chapter 32”