ATF Chapter 28

Translator: Naervon + KuroNeko

Proofreader: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 28 Magician Lunaria

“Lunaria, cast a fireball for me.”

An elderly person sat in the middle of the magic hall of the duke’s mansion. This was a place that boosted the ability of magicians to cast magic, a truly marvelous place that gathered numerous sealing crystals from the hall of seals! A holy ground for growing magicians!
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TKDG Chapter 14

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 14: King of Hell’s Passing


The icy cold feeling continuously emanated from the leather sack, into Ah Dai’s body, Owen’s recount of his life experiences had thoroughly shaken his heart. Subconsciously, he decided that he would help Uncle complete his revenge, no matter what. “Uncle, can the last four moves of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques be trained?”

Solemnly, Owen said, “No, definitely not. The evil qi contained within the last four moves is really too overbearing. If the evil qi invades your body, you will be controlled by the sword, losing your mind, and becoming its puppet, as a killing maniac. Therefore, you must definitely not exceed your limits and execute the later moves. Ah Dai, have Uncle’s eyes become gray?” Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 14”

TKDG Chapter 13

Translator: KuroNeko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 13: Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques (冥字九决)


Ah Dai had been kicked over 50 metres away, but the scene of the enormous surging force from the dou qi was still deeply engraved in his mind.

The vice leader shouted, “He is going to fight to the death, everyone attack together!” He could no longer stay out of the fight. Moving his body, a great claw-shaped golden dou qi shot towards Owen’s silhouette.

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