ILK Chapter 37

Translator: KuroNeko

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 37: The Dark Spirit Blade displays its power!

Black Water Mountain Range, in the region of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey!
Under the dense towering trees, the Blade God Sect’s disciples all had a mission to complete which was to separate into groups of twos and threes and look for a heavily injured person.

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ATF Chapter 30

Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 30: Burden

“Are you crazy!?” It was now Lunaria’s turn to be speechless, for a lack of better words, she said,
“Who would acknowledge a master a few minutes after meeting!? Are you going to follow me for life if your family never prospers!?”
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TKDG Chapter 16

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 16: The Wilful Girl


Ah Dai immediately agreed, he had already passed the magician exam, and he didn’t mind waiting a while longer.

Giger turned towards the girl, smiling, “Young lady, if I’m not wrong, you should be from the Holy Church?”

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TKDG Chapter 15

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 15: The Magician Exam

Feng Ping only thought that Ah Dai was forbidden from saying his teacher’s name, and did not take it to heart, smiling as he commented, “You really are a respectful kid, not bad, you’re worthy of being from our TianGang School. Come, let us find a place to have a good chat.” As he spoke, he grabbed Ah Dai’s elbow and led him away.

Ah Dai did not want to follow him, but Owen had instructed him to be polite to people from the TianGang School, so he could only reluctantly be dragged away by Feng Ping, to an area behind the Mercenary Guild.
The area behind the Mercenary Guild was a large training ground, and many mercenaries who did not have missions would always go there to practice their martial arts. Walking into the training ground, there were currently quite some people practicing their martial arts, and when they saw Feng Ping, most of them would call out ‘Big Brother Feng’ or ‘Leader Feng’. Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 15”

ATF Chapter 29

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 29 Follower

“Wait!” The blonde boy’s cold voice sounded, this voice gave an entirely different impression from when he parted with the girl just then. Lunaria slightly raised her eyebrows towards this and turned around to look at the youth who was roughly the same height as her.

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