ATF Chapter 31

Translated: Naervon

Edited: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 31 The Apprehensive Mercenaries

Cili Mitre, a high-ranking mercenary who once killed a level two magic beast while only being at intermediate [Qi Harmony rank], having high expectations placed on her even though only being a new mercenary. At this moment, she was walking on the streets of Hess City filled with unease. This was because she has just received a mission from the mercenary headquarters. The contents of the mission was to go with 5 other mercenaries to support a strong individual suspected to be at the level of [Army Breaker].

They would have to support this person in the effort to kill the Ogre King Meme’Da, a notorious creature well-known in the circles of Iron Rank mercenaries.

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ILK Chapter 38

Translator: KuroNeko

Proofreader: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 38: This Young Master shall personally take action!

『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Jiang Xi, Gained Experience x 500! 』
『Killed Martial Dao Fifth Layer Nan Tian, Gained Experience x 500! 』
『Killed Martial Dao Sixth Layer Fang Ning. Gained Experience x 800! 』
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TKDG Chapter 17

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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Chapter 17: By Death

Xuan Yue stared at Ah Dai walking towards her, asking, “What are you doing?”

Furiously giving her a glare, Ah Dai suppressed the anger in his chest, and spoke to the stall owner, “I am really sorry, I’ll give this to you, treat it as I bought that steamed bun earlier.” He grabbed a handful of gold coins from his monthly stipends, and stuffed them into the fat stall owner’s hands. The stall owner was stunned, and he got a further shock from looking at the handful of gold coins in his hands.
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