TKDG Chapter 5 Part 2

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And now another chapter of TKDG

Translated by KuroNeko and Naevron

Edited by darklord5555

Chapter 5 (down) The fruit of rebirth


 Three months later, after Ah Dai’s incessant efforts, he finally managed to memorise all of the labels, as well as all of the fruit names within the fruit forest. Although he was slow in memorising, but when he completely memorised an item, he would not forget it again. No matter what label name Gliss mentioned, he could always find the corresponding cabinet immediately.

“Okay, from today onwards, you have officially become my apprentice and you will help me with my experiments.” Gliss lightly said.

“Yes teacher.” The past three months, Gliss had treated Ah Dai with an indifferent attitude, all of the housework was done by Ah Dai. Apart from meditating at night, Gliss spent all of his time in his research lab.

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ATF Chapter 22

Translated by: Naervon

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 22 The Plotting Old Timers


When Mina woke up, three hours had already passed. A special feeling of some change can be felt coming from this white-robed elementalist by Lunaria and the others.

Sir Lao Jerry’s conclusion was that Mina could try and apply for the Magic Instructor rank at the Magician’s association branch in the Dukedom.

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