TKDG Chapter 12 Part 1

Translator: Kuroneko

Editor: Samskor

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*[TN: update, I’ve changed the names of the 3 basic sword stances from (slash, slice and stab) to (cleave, pick, and stab)]

Chapter 12 : Danger of Death (1)


“Ah Dai, quickly stop!” Owen cried out, if Ah Dai continued, the true qi would be compressed too much, and there was a chance of his hand exploding.

However, Ah Dai was already unable to stop. After his true qi was condensed, it was no longer the gentle energy circulating within his body. His eyes widened as he shouted, “AH——”  His right fist suddenly shot towards the rock, and a beam of white light that was around 5 centimetres in diameter shot out. Immediately after, Ah Dai collapsed onto the ground, his body was limp. Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 12 Part 1”

DTW Chapter 2.3


Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Book 1 Son of a Treacherous court Official Chapter 2 Bride Kidnapping (down) [i’m not sure about this cus last chap was 2.2]

After arranging all operations quietly with his guard, Hu WuBei turned towards Tang WenZheng and said in a low voice: “Brother WenZheng, I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly, please be at ease.” He just said that he would carefully investigate, but did not say that he would be able to show any results.

Tang WenZheng cursed on the inside. What is there to investigate? All the facts are there, asking me to not worry?! How can I, Your Father, not worry?! My daughter is kidnapped by that bastard son of yours and now I don’t even know how she is doing. After thinking about what could have happened to her, a gust of anger blew through his heart, but all he could do was lament harder: “Minister Hu, let us hurry back and see!” WenZheng could only endure no matter how angry he came with Hu BuWei being a higher ranked official than him.
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TKDG Chapter 11 Part 2

Translated by the one and only Kuroneko and edited by darklord

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Chapter 11: The Strange Golden Fish (2)


“Ah Dai, this is the place I found recently. The Heavens are really helping me, this place is extremely suitable for you to train. Let’s go up.” As he spoke, he wrapped his hand around Ah Dai’s waist, and lightly landed on one of the biggest rocks while carrying Ah Dai. The thunderous sounds of the waves breaking against the rocks could be heard, although it was a sunny day, the waves here were abnormally large.

“Ah Dai, there is a special spot amongst these rocks. It was formed naturally, and when the waves pass by other rocks, it will somehow form a huge surge of force. I have set up a large wooden pole for you, later, I will tie you to the pole and leave your arms free. Just follow the circulation method I taught you and turn your true qi into dou qi, using it to resist the force from the seawater. Try your best to not let it hit your body, understand? This way, it can help you train your body, as well as cultivate the Boundless Life Art. Look, it’s there.” As he spoke, he pointed to a spot some distance away. Continue reading “TKDG Chapter 11 Part 2”

TKDG Chapter 11 Part 1

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: Samskor

Chapter 11: The Strange Golden Fish (1)


Xi Fei shook her head, saying, “Father, they haven’t returned. Grandpa Owen, it is our fault. If brother Feng and I didn’t go into the sea to swim, big brother Ah Dai would not have gone to find us.”

Owen was filled with worry, naturally he would not blame them, but his heart had long flown to the sea. After a year, the more he interacted with Ah Dai, the more Owen came to like the kind-natured child. Although it had already been a year, Ah Dai still continued to miss his teacher Gliss every day. The silver-tin bun was placed under his pillow, and he would stare at it every morning, muttering a few words. Everything about Ah Dai was so innocent, child, you must not be in danger! By this time, Ah Dai was already in the sea for around an hour.
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ILK Chapter 35

Translator: Kuroneko

Proofreader: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 35 : Cut open the ground, If dead, Give me the body, if alive, Give me the person.

“Eh, he didn’t die?”

Zhao Wen was clear of the power of the intermediate battle technique. Even though he had slightly controlled the power of his attack just now, it still had about 50% of his full power, and should be enough to kill anyone below the Martial Dao Seventh Layer.

The various martial arts are divided into Tian(Heaven), Di(Earth), Xuan, Huang(Gold), and above that is the more powerful Xuan Techniques. Battle Techniques are just a part of them, when executing, the power displayed is extraordinary.
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