ATF Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: (Title at bottom)

“Then, before I think of a unique nickname, can I ask some questions?”

“As long as it’s not something confidential, I, Harriot will definitely give Sir an answer immediately.” Harriot thumped his chest, making a guarantee.

“Avalon Academy, Sir Harriot should have heard of it right?”
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ATF Chapter 26

Translator: KuroNeko

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Chapter 26 Mercenary Nickname

The elf at the slave shop was just a minor detour. Not long after, Jack brought Tyre to the Mercenary Division.

“Sir, the hotel is just up ahead. Do you want to rest first, or would you like to go and take a look at the mercenary division?”

“Let’s take care of the troublesome stuff first.“
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TKDG Chapter 12 Part 2

Translator: KuroNeko

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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1Chapter 12: Danger of Death (2)

“Grandpa Owen, you’ve arrived, please come in.” The sixteen year old Xi Fei warmly received Owen and Ah Dai into the house. At sixteen years old, she had already grown to become a young lady, being dubbed the prettiest lady in SweetRock Town. Xi Fei glanced at Ah Dai, blushing as she turned to call her grandfather.

“Big brother, you’ve come, let us brothers drink heartily today.”

Owen laughed, replying, “Of course, I was still afraid you wouldn’t be up for it. That time we drank, you still lost to me! Where’s Zhong, Fa and Bai? I don’t see the three of them.”
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ILK Chapter 36

Translator: KuroNeko

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 36: Consuming the Scarlet Sun Fruit

The region of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey!

It was mentioned earlier that within the Black Water Mountain Range, there were numerous magic beasts with danger around every corner.

There were high-level magic beasts that have been in existence since ancient times, each occupying their own region within the mountain range.
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