ATF Chapter 16

Translated by Naevron

Edited by darklord5555

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  • Chapter 16 Temporarily Safe


“I called you over because i wanted to see if you were really as beautiful as they said, this is now confirmed. The second thing I wanted to know was about your background, but it is not longer necessary… mahhh, to get to the point, seeing as the world is not too peaceful, it is common to see small principalities and big kingdoms plotting against each other in the dark against each other, pretending to be a victim to go undercover into a government isn’t a first….. En, if i put it like this, do you understand better?”

“Oh, so it wasn’t that.”


“Ah, nothing, i understand. Only, sir, look at me, I don’t have any DouQi or magic, and there isn’t any dangerous weapons on me, how can i be one of those bad individuals?” Lunaria blinked her big eyes, showing a look of honesty, and this was the truth because she didn’t have any plots to begin with. She  only wanted to get a better grasp of this world around her.

Falysess Duke nodded his head, but did not respond to the charming yet sarcastic words, he looked towards the old man next to him.

“Lao Jerry sir, from the situation, it looks like this little girl does not pose a threat, so please arrange a suitable identity for her, and make sure that her title is high enough to not be bothered by those perverted bastards.”

“I understand” Lao Jerry answered.
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TKDG Chapter 5 Part 1

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

Sorry for whoever got an email notification/ update that this chapter was released, it was meant to be, but I realised the previous chapter was already called chapter 5? Chaos ensued and we finally figured out that the previous editor dun goofed and called the previous chap chapter 5, woops. (Not his fault, I was confused too.)

So, apparently chapters are now separated into (up) and (down)… The previous chapter was meant to be 4 (down), woops.

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Chapter 5 (up) The Fruit of Rebirth


Gliss instructed the coachman to stop in the middle of a forest just northwest of Wa Liang province and paid the fee for the trip.


From looking at the lush forest around him, Gliss’ mood became much lighter than before.

It is only when he turns here that he can feel that sense of satisfaction.


30 years ago, he came to this forest, lured by the many rare medicinal materials and minerals in this illusionary forest, but after living here for a long time, he became attached to it. These past thirty years, other than occasionally going out to buy some living supplies and some special items, he rarely left this place.


After thirty years of experience, he finally had the assurance to complete the dream from many years ago, the key to realizing it was this idiotic Ah Dai!


“Let’s go, we have to walk the rest of the way.” Gliss indifferently said.

Ah Dai had never seen such a boundless forest in his life, he said with excitement: “Teacher, so you live here? The air here is so fresh!”
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