ATF Chapter 15

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 15 Duke Falysses


“Oh yeah, Leah Onee-san, why are we out here so early? Are you taking me to see the Duke?”

“Yes” When the Duke was mentioned, Leah’s playful attitude vanished and was replaced with a serious attitude, she replied,

“After all, the Duke is the ruler of this kingdom and the Duke himself has mentioned wanting to meet you in person.”

“The Duke said so himself?” Lunaria furrowed her brows, thinking why would a person of power bother with seeing a plain girl who was rescued?

Could it be that he is enamoured by my body’s beauty and wants me to become a concubine!
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ATF Chapter 14

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 14 The Beautiful Calamity


“Not Possible” The big crab immediately refused.


“These two martial skills of mine require parallel processing, or else you will never accomplish anything, even with me demonstrating their profoundness, it still won’t be something a mortal can easily learn, not mentioning that learning two skills simultaneously would only cause you to use twice the effort for half the result.”


“How would we know without trying it first, I am not bragging but on the subject of parallel processing, I have the highest accomplishment, so it shouldn’t be too hard.” Tyre puffed out his chest, and looking at that prideful expression, the big crab’s expression became more serious.


“You must be clear, I don’t want to pass along my martial skills to a greedy but useless trash.” The mercilessness words were so clear, that even Tyre could pick out that KaMing seemed to be really getting angry this time, this made Tyre’s heart thump and his back numb, because he had thought this entire time that the other’s temper was gentle and kind.
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ILK Chapter 32

Translator: Naervon

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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“……Scarlet Sun Fruit? Not a bad name. Heh, sounds like good stuff just from the name alone, I, Your Father, will kindly accept these fruits.”

After Ling Fei advanced to the Martial Dao Sixth Layer, he was no longer a newbie, and he had been paying attention to the cave entrance ever since he’d entered, after after eating that ambush from earlier, he’s been paying extra attention to not fall for a cheap shot like that again.

As one of the three big sects in the Unfailing Kingdom, Blade God Sect was not an easy enemy to steal from, and one must be mindful while doing so, only if one was stupid enough to steal from it.

Ling Fei furrowed his brows at the sudden change, but did not delay and activated with the wind body technique. He grabbed the air with his left air and three small blades of qi flew out, and with it, the three fruits were cut off the vine.

This was the power of a Martial Dao Sixth Layer,able to gather Qi and form BladeQi with it.

“You’re courting Death!”
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ILK Chapter 31

Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Title below


Magic Beast had a ranking system that originated from ancient times.

A low-stage magic beast relies on instinct but a high stage magic beast is completely different, possessing a certain amount of sentience, understanding how to take over a territory for itself, turning it into its own cultivating place, causing it to vastly surpass the growth of an ordinary magic beast.

The Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey is precisely one of these high-stage magic beasts.
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ILK Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Title below!

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“Eighth-stage Magic Beast, Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey!

Looking through a gap in the dense tree lines, Ling Fei felt numbness creeping on his forehead, and beads of cold sweat rolling down his cheeks, the heavy atmosphere caused him to not dare make a sound. Ling Fei’s heart sped up, his breathing sped up, and all sorts of nervous reactions appeared. he looked at everything happening in front with disbelief on his face.


“It really is an Eighth-stage Magic Beast, a super huge boss, holy shit.”


Outside the dense forest, it was a paradise.


A black colored devil monkey with a head of about 10 meters big wearing a body of black scaled armor, as if the best protection, an extra big forehead, with red aura dancing about it’s body and showing an extremely vicious face, giving off a terrifying aura, making people not able to look straight at it. It held a tree trunk that it ripped off from the ground and was waving it around with vigor, the scene was a mess, with bodies strewn all over the place. The scent of blood was overwhelming and wafted with the wind.


Eighth-stage magic beast, Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey, an unusual beast possessing an ancient bloodline!
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