ILK Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws


Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique <<Shattering Jade Hand>>.


A Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, competing on who can control it better, Zhang FengLang is not worried. After all, Ling Fei is only a novice and is obviously not his match.


Gold Order Xuan Technique. For others, this is the most powerful Xuan Technique, far exceeding normal Xuan Techniques, the amount of effort spent to control it also exceeds other techniques.


When Ling Fei activated Gold Order Xuan Technique, Zhang FengLang was only a little shocked, as to whether or not he can handle Ling Fei, is that even a question?


As for the amount of control, Ling Fei is even more lacking compared to Zhang FengLang, how could he be a match? Merely an ant that could be easily stepped on.


<<Shattering Jade Hand>>. This Xuan Technique, Zhan FengLang has never stopped studying it, even to this day for a year! This was almost a year’s worth of time!


Ling Fei using this technique is the same as displaying his novice skills before an expert, it was as if he had lived long enough and was ready to hang himself! Merely seeking death.

“Shattering Jade Hand, Hard yet Soft!”



“Ling Fei junior brother, when did you learn this Gold Order Xuan Technique, no wonder you possess such courage. looks like last time’s incident’s impact on you was not small.”


Gao Ren, from the moment Ling Fei attacked, backed up immediately, and when he saw what Xuan Technique was used, the amount of surprise he felt was not small, nevering thinking that the result would be like this.


Gold Order Xuan Technique.


Valued at the high price of twenty thousand, something that poor disciples simply cannot afford to buy, unlike clan disciples, who normally start cultivating first rate or gold order xuan techniques, becoming their foundation and also their strength to win against other people.


Gao Ren’s worries died down after seeing Ling Fei’s performance, exhaled the breath that he has been holding.


At the same time, other people had faces full of dissatisfaction and resentment facing the Ling Fei that had gained more strength.


For example, the bitter faced Zhang ChongShan, Li Xiao.


“How can this be, Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique, how can that brat, Ling Fei succeed in learning it! When I was cultivating this Xuan Technique, I had my big brother at my side giving me step by step instructions in addition to so much effort before I could successfully learn it.”


Zhang ChongShan’s had a face of disbelief with his eyes wide open and mouth hanging staring at Ling Fei.


No matter who you tell this to, they won’t believe you, after all everyone knows that Gold Order Xuan Technique is separated into three ranks, high, middle and lower. in which the upper rank is the hardest to learn and needs a certain level of comprehending ability, lower rank although does not require too much comprehension ability, is still not something ordinary people can train without guidance.


So one could imagine, an abandoned clan disciple Ling Fei managing to learn this in such a short time is completely an unbelievable thing.


“Zhang brother, no need to worry, although he did learn the Gold Order Xuan Technique, so what?I am guessing he hasn’t even reached small completion. So how can he exhibit the actual strength of the technique? Don’t forget, Gold Order Xuan Technique needs Xuan Qi to support it, you think Ling Fei that brat can also cultivate a Qi Cultivation technique to the level of Martial Dao Fourth Level?”


Li Xiao’s mouth was filled with dismissal, but inside, he was extremely unsettled.

Ling Fei in their eyes, is nothing but a trash, even though he has a clan background, but in God Martial Art Sect he lives like a pitiful existence, this is losing face for all clan disciples.


Zhang ChongShan’s face regained his original complexion.



<<Shattering Jade Hand>> vs <<Shattering Jade Hand>>, now that’s an interesting show to watch!

Everyone was in shock, as one could see the power of Gold Order Xuan Technique, but some gained enlightenment from watching this, boosting their strength by a lot, and the number of people who had this reaction are not small either.


“Say, who do you think will win!”


“Is there any need to ask, of course it will be Senior brother Zhan FengLang, his actual strength is at Fifth Layer, Ling Fei this late comer will not be a problem, so what if he has learned the <<Shattering Jade Hand>>.”


“Zhang FengLang Senior’s Shattering Jade Hand’s power is obviously stronger than the other one, I am guessing that his Shattering Jade Hand has reached Full Completion Stage!”


“Full completion stage Gold Order Xuan Technique, that’s enough to be on par with a middle-rank Gold Order Xuan Technique. Ling Fei just had to use this Xuan Technique, how stupid, he  is out of luck this time.”


“Pretending to be a master in front of a real master, this is just asking to suffer! It also looks like Ling Fei Junior brother will have a rough time in a bit, he could have used anything and it would have been better, but he just had to use <<Shattering Jade Hand>>.”



The crowd didn’t have bad eyesight and could vaguely see the difference between the two Xuan Techniques.

One was light green, clearly not the same level as the deep green one, the deeper hue gave out much more pressure and danger, as one could see its power.

Xuan Technique, no matter who learns it, it will always fall into one of these stages.


The first is the Novice Stage. Basic control over it, power slightly stronger than normal Xuan Techniques.


Then there is the small completion stage. The Xuan Technique can be used as willed, and all the different ways of using it are also usable.

After that is Xuan Technique full completion stage, once reached, the power of the Xuan Technique will be multiplied several fold, and a slight bit of profound is included, it also can be used with full control.


The difference between the two, is clearly the amount of control they have over it.

One is a novice stage while the other is at the small completion stage. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what would happen next.







Zhang FengLang’s Shattering Jade Hand struck, like a wave of howling wind, every strike bringing about violent destruction, even if there was a huge rock in front, it would be shattered to bits.


Under such ferocious attacks, Ling Fei is being hit, but he has yet to show any signs of defeat.


The outer disciples were greatly shocked, how could it be like this, Zhang Fenglang who is at the Martial Dao Fifth layer, even with his Shattering Jade Hand could not defeat Ling Fei! They could hardly believe it.

“Zhang Senior’s Xuan Technique’s power is only this much. Looks like it’s only this powerful. Now taste my attack!”


Ling Fei laughed out loud, facing the ferocious Shattering Jade Hand attacks, he blocked all of them without ease, his agile monkey body technique helping him dodge left and right. He took the high ground and pressed down, the light green hue abruptly changed, causing formidable winds.

The first set of attacks, Zhang FengLang used about 50% of his power, to bully a Fourth Layer Martial artist which was quite the substantial amount of Xuan Qi, but the results were when his Xuan Qi palm landed, it felt a water droplet attacking the surface of the ocean, causing him to be shocked.

[T/l and editor: Zhang FengLang is using xuan qi to attack, Ling Fei’s xuan qi is a lot higher in quality and quantity due to the nine turn qi, so he felt like he was attacking an ocean.]

“You’ve actually trained Shattering Jade Hand to small completion stage? Just how have you been training!?”


Despite the doubt that Zhang FengLang had, with the first exchange of blows, he felt that Ling Fei’s <<Shattering Jade Hand>> was inferior to his own, sooner or later Ling Fei would lose. Either by getting beaten by him to the point of heavy injuries, or completely using up all his Xuan Qi.

When Ling Fei broke through from the Novice stage to the small completion stage, he couldn’t help but slightly pause.


“Rubbish, if you can train to full completion stage, why can’t I? In a bit, I will use Shattering Jade Hand and hit you until all your teeth are on the floor, then let’s see the reactions of Zhang ChongShan and co.”*

[T/l and editor: This was in the raws, we are as profoundly confused as you are. Full completion outta nowhere!!]


Ling Fei coldly laughed and pressed down his palm, causing the air to make shattering sounds, making all who heard it have numb scalps, it really was the Gold Order small completion stage.

Hardness inside the Palm.


Zhang FengLang’s anger went off the charts, with a flip of his hand, <<Shattering Jade Hand!>> bringing up a wave of green, and slamming it towards Ling Fei’s palm, whereas on his other hand, using a weird angle, punched a fist towards Ling Fei’s stomach, using his Palm and Fist Techniques at the same time!


Ling Fei’s situation was becoming dangerous.

“You know a Fist Technique, but I, your father, also knows a Fist Technique[1]!”

Breathing out Xuan Qi, Ling Fei slightly hesitated before immediately pressing on his Shattering Jade Hand and also using his Xuan Fist Technique.

“Glorious ** Fist!”

Once the fist flew out, Ling Fei’s, whose person seems to have become a Wasteland Giant, anyone facing this fist will perish.

[1] But, I, your father, knows a fisting technique! As he shoved his hand up **


ILK Chapter 13

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Translated by: Naervan

Edited by: JerryDaBaws

Chapter 13

Ling Fei’s place is in a fairly remote location.

Zhang FengLang brought an aggressive and hostile mob, but no one reported this, if by any chance they get reported, then the ones in trouble would be them.

“Who’s dog is wantonly barking, hurry and drag it back, to avoid having it jumping and barking everywhere.”

Just when everyone thought that Ling Fei was going to hide like a turtle in it’s shell, an arrogant voice caused their faces to turn white and green.

Arrogant, too arrogant.

Zhang FengLang’s face ashened.

The door opened and Ling Fei and Gao Ren walked out leisurely.


Ling Fei’s attitude was very dismissive when he spoke, directly demoting certain people status’ to a furry pet.

For a minority, these actions were extremely beneficial to them.

Zhang FengLang is who, as he said before, belongs to the extremely proud, never even taking notice of people who are weaker than him inside the outer court, let alone someone like Ling Fei the trash.

“You’re Ling Fei?”

Zhang FengLang kept a scowl on his face, and looked at Ling Fei with an unwavering stare, it was this guy who caused misfortune to a few of the Zhang clan disciples.

“I’m merely a nobody, this junior brother is surprised that Zhang senior brother knows someone like me.” Ling Fei said with a light tone.

“Heng(heh?), I had thought that you possessed 3 heads and 6 arms, but now it seems you’re merely soso, could it be your victory over Zhang ChongShan was only by relying on certain methods?” Zhang FengLang shook his head in disappointment.

Those who knew Zhang FengLang well understood what this movement portended, it was his sign that we was getting angry, only calamity would ensue from this point onwards.

“If Zhang Senior brother is here for that incident, by all means “talk” openly with me, I, Ling Fei will accept it all.” Ling Fei replied in the same manner of rudeness.

Ling Fei has never been polite to people who come to his door to look for trouble.

Hell, if the emperor came he’d receive the same treatment, let alone someone like Zhang FengLang

“Junior brother really has guts.” Zhang FengLang’s suddenly changed the topic, “though, you were too excessive in the incident where you injured my Junior brother, if you kneel down right now and yell out three times that you are a piece of trash, then personally repent in front of Zhang ChongShan junior brother, then this senior brother can promise here that we can all forget about the incident!”

Such craftiness! (editor: much wow)

Everyone’s expression changed after hearing this.


A few people inside the crowd were paying extra attention to the events unfolding.

“Zhang brother, nice calculations, Ling Fei must choose this time. To had pissed off Zhang FengLang, the results won’t be pretty, I really don’t know what kind of ridiculous luck this guy found, to be able to advance to Martial Dao Fourth Layer.”

Within the low chattering voices, slight wisps of jealousy and anger could be heard.

“Back then when Ling Fei was taking liberties of Luo ZiYan, good thing the Ling Clan made an early decision and abandoned him, or else Ling Fei would be a completely wasted person or even dead right now. Why else would he stay here at God Martial Art Sect for four years without daring to  think about going home? The five year grand competition is almost here, if the waning Ling Clan hears about the death of Ling Fei at this competition, I wonder what they will be like?”

Zhang ChongShan’s complexion was horrible, clearly the injuries were not that easily recovered, if Ling Fei’s name was mentioned, he would have a gout of anger but having no where to vent it.

Ever since he woke up, Zhang ChongShan didn’t dare to go outside, people everywhere were talking about his defeat. To him, this was unacceptable.

“Zhang brother’s words are correct, the Ling Clan is destined to fall, this time’s grand competition, if Ling Clan has no more excellent disciples, its influence will drastically, and we can imagine what the city lord’s actions will be once that happens, after all, the city lord’s inaction must be related to the Ling Clan’s remaining influence.” Li XiaoChang’s face did not change, but the air around him became eerie, as if there was a poisonous snake hiding in the dark waiting.


“Zhang Senior brother, how do you suggest this junior chooses?”

Ling Fei smiled instead of getting angry, and Gao Ren next to him passed him a glance, trying to prevent Ling Fei from being hot headed, if the Ling Fei falls into the opponent’s word trap, it’s obvious that Ling Fei would be screwed.

Zhang FengLang gave a hearty laugh, using an arrogant “I’m better than you” look, said indifferently “Of course I would follow the advice of the senior, assuming that Ling Fei junior does not want to refuse my good will, right? It’s clear, as a Martial Dao Fourth Layer against the Fifth Layer me, as your senior, giving you the right advice is my duty.”

Ling Fei remained silent for a bit before breaking out in rough cussing, “Fuck you and your choices! Screw your entire family!”

“Good, very good, so this is your choice.” Zhang FengLang never liked wasting time talking reason to the weak. Against a weakling, directly using force is a better choice, “You dared injure my junior brother, then take one move from me.”

Everyone’s face changed again after hearing this.

[t/l wow, this crowd can make hella earning as mimes…:O 😀 :Z D:]

Martial Dao Fifth Layer, not only possessing  a Qi Cultivation method and Xuan Techniques better than that of a Martial Dao Fourth Layer. Xuan Techniques can be used with but a single thought. When switching between different Xuan Techniques there will be no flaws in their offense.

“Senior brother does not need to be so polite, this junior brother also wants a chance like this to learn a good Xuan Technique, please advice this junior.”


Ling Fei’s answer was also out of everyone’s expectations.

However, the unexpected answer was not the end. Ling Fei stepped out, both eyes blazing like torches, emanating a strong Qi field, even though the field felt unpracticed, but it was still very firm.

Provocation, this was definitely provocation.

Zhang FengLang’s face changed again and again, obviously angered way too much by Ling Fei. A Martial Dao FIfth Layer’s strength might not be too strong, but in the outer court, how many people are truly his match? This Ling Fei’s behavior is a clear example of overreaching one’s boundaries.

Everyone around them pulled back, clearing a space.

“Ling Fei, you must be careful, you must not force yourself!”

Gao Ren patted Ling Fei’s shoulders and warned.

“Ease up, I won’t be reckless, after all, i only have one life and not two!”

(Editor: bro u just reincarnated)

Gao Ren was completely stumped by Ling Fei’s words again.


“Shattering Jade Hand!”

Ling Fei shouted and moved, drifting here and there with both hands forming a light green hue, bringing up streaks of cold light, a strong aura expanding from his green hands.

With this Xuan Technique used, the crowd changed their expressions yet again.

Ling Fei, in such a short time, learned <<Shattering Jade Hand>>, and from the strong aura, it seems that his level of control is not shallow either.

Countless people gasped in cold sweat.

“No way, how can you learn <<Shattering Jade Hand>>”

Zhang FengLang’s face slightly changed colors, this Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique needs a certain level of comprehending, and there were certain parts that require someone personally guiding through, because he himself also learned this Xuan Technique.

There is no way to learn a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique in this short a time, but it appeared, and in Ling Fei’s hands at that, giving him a huge blow to his pride, as if slapping his face.

If other people were learning this Xuan Technique Zhang FengLang’s face won’t change color, but only this brat, he started suspecting that this guy had awoken his inner talent.

“Hahaha, daddy I got the comprehending skills, if you got the skills then bite me!”

“Heng, you knowing Shattering Jade Hand, wanting to use that to shame us, but you are very wrong!”

Zhang FengLang’s anger immediately recovered, he floated backwards lightly like he was a leaf, giving out a graceful feeling, his hands also changed, it was the same <<Shattering Jade Hand.>>


ILK Chapter 12

Tl’d by Naervan

Edited by JerryDaBaws

Note: This chapter contains more swearing than usual.

Chapter 12: Ling Fei, rolling out!


Some random day, in the morning.


It was a good day. The sun rays were shining over the huge God Martial Art Sect, making the view clear for miles around.


Several outer disciples headed somewhere in an extremely aggressive manner, arousing the attention of several other outer disciples.


“What are these people doing? Could something big be happening?”


“Who actually dares to come look for trouble at our God Martial Art Sect, one of the three greatest Sects in the Unfailing Kingdom, unless they have nothing better to do than to look for ways to die!”


“Huh, I think I know that guy…. Oh yeah, i remember now! Isn’t he Zhang FengLang? That famous Zhang clan disciple in our outer court!”


“No way! Why is Zhang FengLang here? Could he be here for the incident with Zhang ChongShan!”

“Oh yeah, it must be for that. That brat Ling Fei, so reckless that he not only heavily injured Zhan ChongShan, but also robbed away a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique! This action is almost like directly slapping the clan member disciples’ faces!”


“No wonder all these people look so aggressive, this little brat Ling Fei is screwed for sure this time, Zhang FengLang even came to personally handle this. I heard from a few friends that this time Zhang ChongShan’s injuries are not light, he broke four ribs and almost lost his life, even after taking a green jade pellet he still needs to rest for a month and can’t fight during this month either.”




Zhang Chong losing to someone who he defeated before was something everyone knew in the outer court, and if revenge was not exacted, he won’t be able to show his face around the God Martial Art Sect.


And sure enough, Zhang FengLang came only after a few days had gone by.


The outer disciples were buzzing with excitement.

Zhang FengLang having to personally handling this, adding to the fact that he is Martial Dao Fifth Layer and with his fame in the outer court, defeating Ling Fei that is only Martial Dao Fourth Layer is as easy as slicing a cake.

The news spread like wildfire and went from tens to hundreds, hundreds to thousands, causing a burst of madness amongst the outer disciples.

The clan disciples were the people that were most eager for this, for they have had nothing but misfortune ever since Ling Fei started the fashion of robbing on the stage. After several matches on the stage, the clan disciples lost almost everything of value they had, causing their total power to drop drastically.



The root of it all was Ling Fei, who they hated so much that they grind their teeth in anger thinking about him and wanting to hack him to pieces.

With Zhang FengLang handling this in person, the clan disciples needed to witness Ling Fei’s debacle[1] with their own eyes, or they would never be able to live this down. Just thinking of Ling Fei getting crushed underneath Zhang FengLan’s feet made them excited.


Many clan disciples were so hyped that their imaginations ran wild just thinking about it. [2]



At Ling Fei’s private courtyard.


“Bang Bang Bang!”


Urgent knocking sounds came from the outside, traveling inside the training room.


“Who is this, how could anyone possibly train with this racket going on?”

A very displeased voice rang out from the training room.


The person who spoke was Ling Fei, who has not stepped outside since he started training in <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>.

Ling Fei’s eyes were filled with displeasure, he stood up and let out a deep sigh.

“Pity, I could have broken through just then, were not for the interruptions… “


Since he started training in the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, he had been raising his strength non-stop, other than eating, he almost never came out of the training room, the urgent crisis that he felt was his motivation for training.

[t/l: Hue, only eating and not going to the bathroom, that urgent crisis’s gotta be huge!]



“Gao Senior brother, why are you here?”

Coming out from the training room, Ling Fei stared with a blank expression at Gao Ren, who was standing outside. Gao Ren’s looks were much better than before, if you ignore that face full of worry that is.

“Good thing you’re here.”

Gao Ren sighed a breath of relief, as if an apocalypse was just avoided.

“Why is it good that I am here?”


Ling Fei briefly stumped by the first words he heard.

“What are you standing there for, hurry up and follow me! Zhang FengLang that guy is currently leading a group of people and coming this way, they want to bring you harm, lets avoid this storm first.”


Gao Ren is normally carefree, but during important times he knew what had to be done. Ling Fei’s strength advances fast, already advancing to the Martial Dao Fourth Layer, but against the Martial Dao Fifth Layer Zhang FengLang, he is obviously not his match. Just from the amount of Xuan Qi they contain in their body, Zhang FengLang can completely outlast then destroy Ling Fei. This is before even mentioning the Gold Order Xuan Technique in Zhang FengLang’s hands. Temporary avoidance is the smart choice. It is better to live and fight another day.


Ling Fei understood what was going on, his face expressing an odd smile.

“How can you still smile? Zhang FengLang that brat is not easily to deal with, don’t even dare to try exploit any loopholes.” Gao Ren took one look and couldn’t help but change his facial expression yet again, and started admonishing non-stop, though he is doing this with a good intention in his heart as he is worried for Ling Fei.

This Ling Fei’s character, Gao Ren knows it the best. He’s worried that this kid would have blood rush to his head, become hot headed and rush straight into Zhang FengLang’s hands and get his cultivation crippled.


Gao Ren was worried about this.



“Gao Senior brother, do you trust me?”

Ling Fei suddenly asked.

Gao Ren was very flabbergasted, didn’t understand where that came from, he looked at Ling Fei and said, “Of course i believe you.”[3]


Ling Fei smiled, “Then it’s going to be fine, Zhang FengLang’s strength might be formidable, but with my hard-training for these few days, no one can say for sure that I’ll lose to him. Today if we avoid him, then what about the next time? and the time after that? Will we just cower in fear for the rest of our lives? Then how will we become real Martial Artists?”


Gao Ren scratched his head after hearing that, feeling very vexed with Ling Fei. He didn’t know how to choose, from the bottom of his heart he wished for Ling Fei to avoid the fight temporarily but Ling Fei’s words deeply moved him, causing him to be unable to decide.

Martial Artists must walk forward, never turning back, never avoiding but instead facing troubles head-on. This is a Martial Artist!


Ling Fei did not press Gao Ren for a response, but rather patiently waited.

“Junior brother’s words are very right, this Senior brother as a Martial Artist, almost forgot the meaning behind the words martial artist.” Gao Ren’s furrowed brows relaxed and said while laughing uproariously, “Zhang FengLang so what? As long as we brothers are here, once we get pissed, we’ll fight without giving a fuck who it is! Two fists against four hands, what is there to fear?!”



Ling Fei, LaoZi command you to get the fuck out here!

Zhang FenLang is as the rumors say, extremely vicious and tyrannical and looking just like an overly proud king, no wonder no one thinks that Ling Fei even has a chance of scratching him.


The ideal outcome for the clan disciples and grassroot disciples differed.


Clan disciples wanted to see Ling Fei getting crushed in the hands of Zhang FengLang, to get back their lost face from the shame that was from a few days ago, to show everyone that clan disciples aren’t people that anyone else could compare with. Scram as far as you can, as to not be a hinderance.


The poor disciples had a different view, they wished for Ling Fei to once again display his amazing prowess and heavily injure Zhang FengLang, to once again raise morale for the poorer disciples.


In their heart, everyone knows this. Ling Fei should actually be a clan disciple, but in God Martial Sect, even a normal clan disciple lives better than Ling Fei, and so the day that Ling Fei beat up Zhang ChongShan, they directly pulled him into the ranks of the poor grassroot faction.


“Did Ling Fei, that brat run away?”




“Where could he have ran? The monk can run but the temple can’t.”


“He must be scared, Zhang FengLang senior brother is here, he Ling Fei counts as what!”


These clan disciples, really wished that Ling Fei would immediately appear as they now finally have a place to vent their anger.

“Ling Fei, Get the fuck outta here for LaoZi, you dare touch[4]a Zhang clan member, if you have the ability then go be a turtle and stay in your shell forever!”


[1] debacle, A Crushing Defeat!

[2] S&M

[3] Ling Fei screamed, “I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYY!!”, as he jumped off a cliff and plunged to his inevitable doom.

[4] Touch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


ILK Chapter 11

[CoTransl & Edited by: JerryDaBaws]  


Chapter 11


What was it that made Ling Fei so excited?


The Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation Method that he has been looking for had finally fell into his hands. His luck that was off the charts even opened the questing system.


Nine Turn Qi Cultivating Method, as it’s name suggested, when cultivated to the big completion realm, one would reach the nine turn degree, where every turn would have it’s own unique point.


Just from the meaning of the name, one could not see where the uniqueness lies, this was the same case for Ling Fei.


“<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, First rate Xuan Technique, incomplete, not recommended for cultivating. <note: this manual came from a disciple, who obtained this through killing someone. Cultivating this method will cause the Xuan Qi to have a humongous change once one reaches the first turn. It’s power will overpower normal Xuan Qi. The only regret is that this cultivation method is extremely hard to comprehend, it is also missing the rest of the method, causing one to be unable to advance past Martial Dao Ninth Layer….”


Without reading the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method introduction, it is hard to grasp the subtleties of this method.


“Heh Heh, my luck is really is something, this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method feels like it was tailored just for me, comprehension is a piece of cake for me, and once I successfully cultivate the <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, my power shall dominate normal people, if I use this with a Gold Order Xuan Technique, perhaps only one move will be needed to kill my opponent?


Ling Fei thought to himself.



Flipping through the manual, Ling Fei had a suspicion. “Could it be that this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, each realm of cultivation will have it’s own volume[1], constituting into the actual nine turn method?”

Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation Method in hand, Ling Fei finally was able to relax, now all that’s left is the supporting Xuan Technique.


Martial Dao Fourth Layer, Xuan Qi should already be able to start circulating within the body, but cultivating a too high leveled Xuan Technique right from the start wouldn’t be a great idea.


Ling Fei already had his thoughts, deciding to learn a flashy fist technique to quench his desire to be like (Jet/Bruce Lee) in the movies


<<Splitting Blade Cut>> Blade Technique, might be sharp and penetrating, but this is far from enough, he already has the <<Unbreakable Golden Body>> small completion stage.


But the best defence is a good offense, so learning a fist technique is a must.


Ling Fei holds this saying close to his heart, attack, attack, and attack, beat the other person till’ they are powerless to resist, just thinking about the power of the Unbreakable Golden Body with a ferocious fist technique gives him the feeling of being the most ferocious being under the heavens.




Fist technique, power big equals a-okay for picking (raw= great power, sufficient)

“Tyrant Fist Technique, first rate, nope(no can do).”

“Great Destruction Fist Technique, second rate, also nope.”

“Flowing Cloud God Fist, second rate, nope.”

[t/l: If the creators of these techniques knew what Ling Fei was thinking, they would cough up blood.]




To fulfill the requirements, Lin Fei picked <<Glorious ** Boxing>> third-rate Xuan Technique as his supporting Xuan Technique.

[t/l: Raws had **, let your imagination run wild!]


Secret Manual Hall, at the entrance.


“Are you sure you want to learn <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method?”The grey clothed old man’s stony face had a flash of surprise, this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method has existed for a long time, but the ones who are willing to learn this are few and far in between, but all those who did comprehend this, were all possession of great comprehension abilities.[2]


Ling Fei, with an idiotic expression on this face, looking like he was nervous asked: “Senior Brother, could it be that this <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method is forbidden? But this method has a very domineering name that I feel is very suitable for me.


The old man seemed as if he was lost for words.


“<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method was not created by God Martial Art Sect, rather, it was brought into the Sect by a disciple from the outside. Back when it was first brought in, many people practiced this method, showing it’s overwhelming power, but, there was one flaw. If one cultivates this method to big completion, and is lacking the next volume, they will be unable to advance in the realms of cultivation for the rest of their life, so if not completely necessary, don’t practice this!”The grey-clothed old man felt that it was necessary to give some advice.


Outer disciples might not be as good as inner disciples, but after all they are still a part of God Martial Art Sect, besides, this brat looks kind of stupid, it is very likely he is being tricked by someone.


Ling Fei felt shocked, and thought, “Damn, <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> really is overpowered, no wonder it activated the questing system, looks like it was fated to happen.

“Thank you for the explanation Senior brother, this disciples still wants to learn this Xuan Technique Qi Cultivation method.”


Ling Fei said with a face of gratefulness.


The grey-clothed old man still looked very surprised. As the Hall’s elder, advising the next generation is his duty, as to what they decide to do after receiving his advice, it’s not his duty to care. Besides, this kid’s natural aptitude is average, if he can really cultivate this method, that’s also great, just shows how his comprehension ability is , after saying it once, he will not repeat his advice.


“Xuan Technique <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, Third Rate Xuan Technique <<Glorious ** Fist>>, must be returned to the Hall within one month, if lost, you must report back immediately…”


Returning from the Secret Manual Hall.


Ling Fei returned back to his place. (i keep it vague cause the author hops around too much)


Within the God Martial Art Sect, when promoted to the Martial Dao Fourth Layer, one would be awarded a small private courtyard to practice in, away from any distractions. It is a nice benefit that the outer disciples compete for. .


He arrived at his own place.


Ling Fei took out his <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, <<Glorious ** Boxing, <<Shattering Jade Hand>> Three Xuan Technique Manuals, with a Gold Order Lower Rank Xuan Technique worth twenty thousand silvers mixed in there.


<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method, Ling Fei is going to learn it for sure.


No matter how flawed it is, since it’s a quest item, he naturally won’t abandon it.


Robbing the Gold Order Xuan Technique off of Zhang ChongShan from when he defeated him a few days ago was only achieved by relying on the element of surprise, because once the other person starts using all their cards, he definitely won’t have a easy time, this much is clear to Ling Fei.


The second crisis is coming, Ling Fei can feel it, he probably does not have much time left so he must hurry and raise his fighting strength.


“Nine turn method has a total of ten layers, once I advance to the fourth layer, opponents like Zhang ChongShan won’t be a problem anymore, i am confident.


No talent, no problem.

No comprehending ability? No problem.

As long as he’s got the Leveling System, everything’s a-okay.


This is the real reason why Ling Fei has confidence that he can advance to the fourth layer of the nine turn method and fix the flaw of his meager Xuan Qi.


“<<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method to the fourth layer, <<Glorious ** Fist>> to at least the small completion stage, then we’ll see who’s afraid of who.”


A flash of cold intent shone in his eyes, he then proceeded to pick up <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>> method

「Discovered <<Nine Turn Qi Cultivation>>, Player Ling Fei, Confirm to learn?」

Following the system’s voice, Ling Fei’s anxieties disappeared, a slight smile appeared on his face.




[1][tl; Booklet/manual? Basically, each realm will have it’s own separate book. Raws were : 每一个境界拥有单独一篇]

[2]The translator and editor coughed up blood translating this paragraph. But we got more than Zhang ChongShan!!!