DTW Chapter 2.1

Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws


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Chapter 2.1

Liang DaZhuang turned around to take a look, then hurriedly closed both of his tiny eyes while sighing on the inside… Oh young master, your foolish illness is showing up again! The red clothed girl receiving such treatment…

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

She spat out several mouthfuls of water. Additionally, because of overdrinking, the pressure in her abdomen increased, causing the water to spray out with some force, hitting Hu XiaoTian’s underwear dead center. After all, the water was a nice 37 degree celsius from the heating, so when Hu XianTian felt the water hit him, his originally cold body part underneath his underwear suddenly felt nice and warm and fuzzy.
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ATF Chapter 10

Translated by: Naervon


Edited by: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 10:Marry Her


“What are you thinking of, Claude young master?” a voice echoed in the empty sword training field, the person who spoke was a old person with white hair, but with a body straight as a battle hardened veteran soldier, looking like an unsheathed sword standing there!

“Lao Jerry grandfather, no, it’s just I …..”

Claude said with words stuck in his throat, feeling that no matter what he said, he would be making excuses for himself, after all, that kind of thing did happen.

Lao Jerry coughed, clearly feeling the reason for Claude’s turmoil in his mind, so he said in a strict and deep toned voice.

“Extremely shameful, Claude.”
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ILK Chapter 25

Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws


Chapter 25: Training the <<Wind Body Technique!>>

White fog shrouded the forest, with the occasional bird sound.

*Cough Cough*

A rich and strong bloody fragrance, spread out in this area of the forest. Following the wave of the bloody scent, a sound that did not belong in the forest followed it.

“Huuu Huuu, Finally they are all dead!”
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TKDG Chapter 4 Part 1

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Translator: Naervon
Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 4 (up)
Attack of the Pirates

Ah Dai scratched his head. This word, pirate, did not have any significant meaning to him, and when he encountered this unknown word, he decided to return to the room to ask Gliss. To him, this world has so many new and exciting things, so no matter what he met, he will always want to understand it first, even if he could not remember it later on.

“Teacher, Teacher, there is a huge ship outside, many people are yelling pirate! Pirate! What is a pirate?”
Ah Dai said excitedly while running into the room.
When Gliss heard this, he was shocked. He sat up from the bed and said, “What are you saying? Pirates have come?”
Ah Dai nodded: “It’s a big black ship, their sale having a huge skull on it. All the people on our boat is yelling pirate, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing…
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ATF Chapter 9


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Chapter 9 Claude’s worries

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Yelling “not good” inside  her mind, Lunaria took deep breath and pretended to feel unwell before saying

“No, it’s not that. Only, I don’t know why, but when I try to recall my home or my family, my head will start hurting, as if there is a knife poking my head.”

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