SPO Chapter 41 [Double Release]

Chapter 41: 0.3

According to Chen Zi Han’s explanations, the Mo Family’s Great Camp was at a faraway place to the north of the village. After he went out of the village, he continued to walk northwards over a very, very long distance. The sky was now grey bright. He had used an entire night to cover only more than half of the whole journey. He calculated inside his heart. He should be close to the Mo Family’s Great Camp now.

Along the way, he did not see any living being. Not only did he not meet any Zhao Soldiers, even the usual wild animals who were active at night were all completely gone. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 41 [Double Release]”

SPO Chapter 40 [Double Release]

Translator’s Notes: Double release due to lack of release yesterday. Apologies for the delay.

Translator: Craxuan

Chapter 40: Progress Points

Yue Qiang opened his character stats and checked the description for the Rage Gauge.

Rage Acquisition: When a character is attacked or when they are attacking, Rage will be generated. Besides that, when HP is below 30% Rage will be generated continuously. The closer the character is to death, the faster the generation of Rage. Continue reading “SPO Chapter 40 [Double Release]”

ILK Chapter 43

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: Stbunbun
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Chapter 43: Graceful Steps, the White-robed Fairy


Zhao Wen was spitting mad.

The three golden blade rays descended like shooting stars (original tl is long rainbow? But i thought it didn’t make much sense, to me at least), in an extremely eye-catching and dazzling fashion. Each of the blade rays was at least a hundred feet long. From this one could see, just how deep Zhao Wen’s hatred for Ling Fei had become.

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SPO Chapter 39

Translator: Craxuan

Chapter 39: Rage Gauge

When speaking with Luqiu Duanyi, Yue Qiang always had that feeling that he was kept in the dark. Every time he took the initiative to ask a question, she would often answer it with yet another question. This question was often very important as well, one that he would slip into without knowing until he forgot what he wanted to ask in the first place.

Therefore this time, he seized the initiative decisively.

“Answer my question first.” He said loudly, “Is this game a ‘Single Player’ game?”

“I need to know how much is your progress now…” Continue reading “SPO Chapter 39”