ATF Chapter 67

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: N/A
Proofreader: N/A 

TL: Sorry for the bad grammar. I still haven’t gotten hold of an editor. Feel free to point out mistakes in the comment and I will correct them.

Chapter 67 First Round Results

The calm Nicholas easily delivered the thousand exams into their dimensions. The exams glowed in light as if it was searching for its masters.
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VW:CCM Chapter 19

Translated by: Effyis

Edited by: Stbunbun

Chapter 19: Resting on Laurels

Black Dragon Cave. Just as the name suggests, it was a cave on Black Dragon Mountain.

The Black Dragon Mountain was located about 500 metres in the northwest direction from the west gate of Cloud City. It was infested with bandits and a good place for leveling up, suitable for players of level 25-30, from what the official introduction of the place had said.
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ATF Chapter 66

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: N/A
Proofreader: N/A 

TL: Things finally slow down. So here is a chapter. I wasn’t able to get a hold of the editors.

Chapter 66 Power of Faith

While Lunaria watched though the image stone, she could not feel the magic pressure when Zamia used [World]. But she could see the majority of the audience gave their respect, some of Zamia’s believers even kneel down to give their earnest respect.
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