ILK Chapter 42

Translator: KuroNeko
Editor: JerryDaBaws
*Cough* I’m back. Few ILK Chapters in editing. Anyone interested in becoming an editor>
Chapter 42: The Grand Chase

“Little thief, you can’t escape from this old man’s clutches, I will surely kill you today!”

A furious voice echoed across the Blackwater Mountain Range, with waves of unmasked killing intent in it.
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ATF Chapter 55

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Izuno
Proofreader: Nas Versix

TL: I am glad to see that we are able to reach our goal, I am sure it will greatly motivate our editors. I really wanted this chapter to be released early, because this is actually the first chapter I translated and used it to apply for my translator position here. I am sure you can all tell why I choose this chapter to be the first. I applied hopping to co-translate ATF at the time but it turned out ATF was nearly inactive and I ended up as the only translator for it. The next chapter is translated and awaits for editing. Now that Jerry is back, I expect him to take over editing and posting again.
Next Chapter: Chapter 56 Avalon Recommendation Letter (TBD)

Chapter 55 Magician Girl’s Tournament

In the middle of a quiet garden, where there were songs of birds and sweet scent of flowers, ‘sa sa’ noises were created from the wind brushing against the trees. The sun shining on the trees created patches of shadows on the ground. In the middle of this garden, there was a single black-haired girl dressed in tight martial arts clothes and holding a longsword. She looked like a famous swords master.
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TKDG Chapter 29

Translated by: KuroNeko
Edited by: Stbunbun

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Chapter 29: The killer is revealed

“If Yan Shi is really unable to recover, then I will surely be able to succeed the tribe leader. I have at least this much confidence, after toiling away for so many years, it is something that I deserve in return,” Yan Ju said.

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ATF Chapter 54

Translator: Mxhe
Editor: Izuno
Proofreader: Nas Versix

TL: Jerry just finished his exams and is ready to edit again. I want to celebrate his return. So if we can get 50 comments on welcoming Jerry back or about ATF from from different users or have 25 likes on this chapter. Then I will see to it that we release the next chapter will release in two days. Furthermore, if we can reach both goals, then we will even include a 5 day consecutive release starting on 10/22

Chapter 54 Used To It

“So it was like that.”
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