ATF Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Main Topic, Love!
Translated By: Naervon

The next to walk up to the sign was the girl who kept a good score throughout the contest, Darmiala. She had a head of long light blue hair, and when she walked by, people would unconsciously turn their head to follow. Even Tyre was attracted to her as she walked by.
What a refined girl, Tyre stroked his chin as he examined her body closely from behind for competitive reasons. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 100”

ATF Chapter 99

Chapter 99 The start of the fourth round!
Translated By: Naervon

Tyre had no more interest in the remaining matches, and in that time while he was waiting for the rest of the matches to finish, he received congratulations from Roselle Butterfly and others by specter stone, and Sand Sword expressed just how moved he was to witness the might of Heaven’s Fall once more. Ghost Slayer was even more excited, because Tyre’s Million bends technique motivated him even, especially that last second bend technique used at the end of the battle. Tyre felt the warmth coming from the three through the specter’s stone, but he only laughed it off to cover his own embarrassment and told them to not cause trouble in the inn. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 99”

ATF Chapter 98

Chapter 98 God’s Fall
Translated By: Naervon

So that’s what her Unique magic is. . . . . . . Tyre finally realized the problem, he had mistakenly thought that her incredible seal drawing speed with her wand was also a part of her Unique magic, but now he is sure, that speed has nothing to do with her unique magic, but rather, the endless effort and time spent practicing on it instead. Continue reading “ATF Chapter 98”

ATF chapter 97

Chapter 97 Outburst
Translated By: Naervon

If Tyre’s guess is correct, then Chelsea’s unique magic must be seal related, and it has to do with the activation speed. Otherwise, there is no way that Chelsea can use her seals in combat like this. Despite the fact that Chelsea draws figures so fast with her want that the tip is a blur to Tyre’s eyes, that speed has no impact on her seal’s activation. So now that Tyre has a guess on the general use of Chelsea’s unique magic, then it becomes much easier to come up with a strategy. Continue reading “ATF chapter 97”

ATF Chapter 96

Chapter 96 vs Master of Seals
Translated By: Naervon
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*Shiver!* Both Lunaria and Tyre’s expressions suddenly changed as she heard what Claude said, and both of her foreheads burst out with cold sweat. Claude, feeling that something was wrong with Lunaria, asked with concern Continue reading “ATF Chapter 96”